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Types of Rodents in Roxbury, NJ; House, White Footed & Deer Mice, Norway Rats & More

Rodents are animals that have teeth that continue to grow. This means they must continually gnaw on things to help them stay alive. Rodents represent 40% of all mammals and include rats, mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks and many more. As fall approaches, the temperature will start […]

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Are Citronella Ants Harmful in Succasunna NJ? How to Prevent & Get Rid of Ant Pests

Ants are found all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica and in the United States, there are more than 700 species of ants alone. In New Jersey, common species of ants include Citronella Ants, Pavement Ants, Acrobat Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and Carpenter […]

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Spring Lawn Care Preparation & Schedule in Hackettstown, NY; Aeration, Fertilizing & More

Putting in some time and effort in the spring time can ensure your lawn is gorgeous for the summer and into the fall. Investing in quality products, proper care and maintenance, the turf can look and feel amazing, green, soft, and most importantly, be healthy. Long winters […]

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How Do You Know if You Have a Mouse Infestation in Sparta, NJ? How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice are often portrayed as cute little animals in the movies, but when they make their way into your home and decide to stay, they’re not so cute. House mice infestations are very common so it’s a good idea to learn how they behave so you can […]

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Importance of Pest Inspections for Peace of Mind When Buying & Owning a Home in Union, NJ

Caring for and maintaining a home takes a lot of work. Its seems as though there are constantly repairs that need to be made with a constant to-do list. Part of maintaining your home includes keeping it pest free. There are several pests, especially wood destroying insects, […]

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How to Get Rid of Acrobat, Carpenter, Citronella, Pharoah & Other Ants in Morristown, NJ

Ants are not unheard of; they are found nearly anywhere in the world. Notorious for invading homes and business and attacking the food left out, especially sugary substances, everyone can generally recognize an ant when they see them. But aside from pilfering our goodies, ants can be […]

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How to Get Rid of Crabgrass, Dandelions & White or Dutch Clover Weeds Without Killing Grass in Randolph, NJ

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The weather is favorable, the blooms are budding and the vegetation is getting green. But unfortunately, so are the spring time weeds. Keeping the weeds under control is pertinent to having a healthy and durable landscape. Trees, bushes and grass […]

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How to Get Rid of Deer, Lone Star, American & Brown Dog Ticks in Your House or Yard in Roxbury, NJ

Ticks are no stranger to people. Previously, they have made their presence known and were once only considered a nuisance that would obnoxiously latch onto our pets, or even us. And once removed would leave an itchy discomfort. But now, there are a number of threatening ailments […]

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How to Keep Spiders Away from Your Home in Succasunna, NJ; Spider Prevention & Extermination

Spiders can send the bravest of men running. It’s reassuring to know that there are only a few spiders that will cause a bite dangerous enough to send you seeking medical attention. Spiders are arachnids and not insects. Spiders have eight legs, two body parts and come […]

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Rodent Control Methods in Hackettstown, NJ; Disease Rodents Spread, Behavior of Rats & Mice, Prevention Tips & More

Rodents are characterized by a single pair of unremittingly growing incisors in each of the lower jaws. Rodents make up about forty percent of all mammal species. They are found in vast numbers on all continents except Antarctica. They are the most diverse mammalian order and live […]

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