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Crazy Weather Causes Crazy Pest Problems

In the Northeast, we are accustomed to crazy winter weather. Especially during this last winter, New Jersey was slammed with countless ice storms, freezing rain and an unprecedented amount of snow. We’ve endured dangerous driving conditions, cancelled flights and freezing cold days, but what is all this added moisture doing to our homes and businesses?  Excess moisture causes unwanted pests to thrive and can easily lead to an increased amounts of pests infestations. In addition to attracting wood destroying insects such as termites and wood-boring beetles, excess moisture can also allow cockroach, ant, and rodent populations to rapidly reproduce. If these pest are permitted to flourish, home and business owners will be faced with thriving infestations in the spring. Increased moisture can also lead to mold and fungi growth within properties.

Crazy Weather Causes Crazy Pest Problems

Crazy Weather Causes Crazy Pest Problems

Don’t allow your home or business to be overrun by pests; call Fall Guys Pest Control and Lawn Care today @ 908-255-2686 for immediate, effective pest control! We can locate the areas of excess moisture and eliminate pest infestations to ensure that your property is protected against unwanted pests today and implement pest exclusion techniques to protect your home or business in the future.

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