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Fleas & Ticks Come Out in Spring & Can Transmit Diseases & Infections to Humans & Pets in Morristown NJ

Spring Weather Increases Tick & Flea Populations

We just marked the official first week of spring and many of us look forward to warmer weather and packing away winter coats. Unfortunately the warmer spring weather results in the increase of fleas and ticks which is never great news for you, your family or your pets. Spring time is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors and participate in fun recreational activities with family and friends. These activities can easily become spoiled by the presence of pesky insects like fleas and ticks. It is important to become familiar with these insects and the risks they can pose to you, your family and your pets.

Can Humans Get Sick From Flea Bites? Yes, Fleas Cause Diseases!

cat fleaFleas are often considered one of the most annoying insects that your pet will ever come into contact with. Fleas can transmit infections like tapeworm not only to your pet but also to humans. They can also transmit diseases such as cat-scratch fever, typhus and plague to people. In severe flea infestations, especially in animals that are old, sick or very young, feeding fleas can cause debilitating anemia. If you discover adult fleas on your pet, take into consideration that they may account for just five percent of the likely flea population in your home. Adult fleas can survive up to 113 days on your pet, in some cases even longer. A single female flea can produce up to fifty eggs per day, which adds up to about 1500 fleas a month. Fleas that attach themselves to your pet outdoors can easily get into your home and cause an enormous infestation. If you suspect that you have fleas in or around your home, contact Fall Guys Pest Control immediately.

Ticks Can be Dangerous & Difficult to Locate

Ticks are one of the most elusive insects as they have the ability to literally burrow themselves into your skin in areas that are hard to inspect for ticks. Even when you check your pet for ticks they can be extremely difficult to find because they are so small and hide well in dark fur. It is crucial to find any ticks and remove them immediately. Ticks are the number one cause of Lyme disease and all it takes is the bite of one infected tick to infect you or your pet or a family member. If you live in a heavily wooded area that is prone to have deer ticks, be careful this time of year and be sure to take the time to thoroughly inspect your family and your pets for any sign of ticks.

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