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Fungus Gnats

gnatGnats are one of the most annoying kitchen pests around. Sometimes, the term “gnat” is used for any pesky flying insect in the home but the term actually refers to the Fungus Gnat. These gnats look like a fly that has had its extremities lengthened. A gnat’s legs, abdomen, and wings are about twice as long as a fly’s. Fungus Gnats thrive in damp, warm locations such as the moist, warm soil of houseplants. They can also be found around moist wood or poorly ventilated areas around the house, as well as compost bins inside and out. In essence, if the environment is suitable for mold to grow, it is suitable for gnats. Gnats can be damaging to your houseplants aside for merely being annoying. The larvae in the plant soil will overpower the plants roots over time. Some species of gnats even bite, feeding on blood as well as houseplants and other insects.

The best way to treat a gnat infestation is by preventing it. A single female gnat can lay 150-300 eggs, which will quickly grow and then infest homes in swarms.  Sometimes, merely tidying up the kitchen and home can be enough to deter a pest infestation. Keeping up with the trash is especially important because if gnats can’t find stray pieces of food to feed on, they will die or leave . Make sure that all your food, especially fruits and vegetables, are securely stowed away in sealed containers. Since gnats inhabit houseplant for reproduction, make sure to take good care of your plants. Don’t over-water them to ensure balanced levels of moisture.

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