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How Do You Know if You Have a Mouse Infestation in Sparta, NJ? How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice are often portrayed as cute little animals in the movies, but when they make their way into your home and decide to stay, they’re not so cute. House mice infestations are very common so it’s a good idea to learn how they behave so you can prevent one in your residence. Even though they are wild animals, they live almost exclusively where humans live.

House Mice Identification

House mice have little round ears and a pointed snout. They are covered with hair that is light brown to gray and can be black. Their bellies can be lighter with hind legs that are tiny if you compare them with other species and they have a long tail that is almost hairless. House mice don’t like to stay in one place at the same time. They would rather be roaming around and will make their way throughout your entire home. They don’t hibernate, so if they have a warm place to live they will be active all year round. House mice will gain access through pipe openings, utility lines and gaps under doors. Once inside, they consider your home, their territory. They like to eat nuts and seeds but will can eat anything to survive, this includes the food in your home. House mice are prolific breeders. A female house mouse can give birth up to eight times a year and each time she does she can have six babies. This means you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Signs of a House Mice Infestation

1. Mouse Sightings– Because they like to roam around, chances are you may spot them. You are likely to find them running along the walls and hiding under sofas and beds. The more you see, the larger the problem.
2. Mice Tracks– You will see footprints wherever they roam. The tracks of house mice will have a four-toes on the front and five-toes on the back.
3. Mice Droppings– House mice leave droppings behind that are 3-5 mm long. They are shaped like a rod and pointed at both ends. You will find droppings in areas they hide and the paths they travel.
4. Gnawing & Chewing– House mice will chew and gnaw to get into your home and into your items. They will eat through clothing, sofas and other items. Many times, their teeth marks are left behind on the corner of objects.
5. Mice Burrows & Tunnels– House mice will create tunnels for safety. These burrows will be created in the insulation of HVAC systems and droppings can be found around the openings of their tunnels.
6. Sounds & Smells– If you hear a high-pitched squeaking noise, you’re dealing with house mice. You may hear scratching and gnawing sounds at night. House mice will communicate with each other through their urine. The urine they deposit will either keep other males away of attract females. The smell will be stronger with larger infestations.

Rodent Control

Mice can be very hard to control. The best way to take care of any rodent problem is to act quickly. Contact Fall Guys Pest Control & Lawn Care for a treatment plan that will get rid of them and keep them away for good.

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