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How to Get Rid of Crabgrass, Dandelions & White or Dutch Clover Weeds Without Killing Grass in Randolph, NJ

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The weather is favorable, the blooms are budding and the vegetation is getting green. But unfortunately, so are the spring time weeds. Keeping the weeds under control is pertinent to having a healthy and durable landscape. Trees, bushes and grass can be negatively impacted by weed intrusion. Today, we at Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control would like to touch on spring weed control in an effort to improve your landscape.

Crabgrass, Dandelions & White or Dutch Clover Weeds

While there are many weeds found throughout the State of New Jersey during spring time, the three most prevalent and pernicious weeds are crabgrass, dandelions and white or dutch clovers.
1) Crabgrass. Crabgrass is named due to the leaves forming a tight, crab-like circle. Appearing in weak or bare areas of a lawn, this annual weed is both over and under watering favor in its growth, along with consistently mowed lawns that are too short. Treating crabgrass in the spring is ideal, but can be tricky. If using a commercial weed control formula, be sure to follow the directions printed on the label to ensure effectiveness.
2) Dandelions. Dandelions, a perennial weed, often sprout in spring within the lawn and grow long taproots. Dandelions are better dealt with by digging them by hand, however, use caution and be sure to dig a minimum of two inches of the taproot or the root will re-sprout, and produce two plants in its place. Keeping your lawn lush and healthy is the best defense against dandelion’s wind-borne seeds taking root.
3) White or Dutch Clovers. White or Dutch clover, a once commonly used ingredient in lawn seed blends, is now regarded as a perennial weed. It thrives and grows where soil is of poor quality and low in nitrogen. Hand dig out the small patches and apply fertilizer to those areas where they were growing. Bringing up soil fertility can help hinder white clover. Apply a broadleaf herbicide according to label instructions over the course of several seasons in both spring and fall to completely eradicate this weed.

Spring Weed Control

When it comes to springtime weed control, timing is everything and proper application is essential for effective treatment. Some weed control treatments can cause damage to grass under various circumstances and it is extremely sensitive. Though taking care of your own weed control may seem simple enough there is a lot to consider for effective weed control without damaging your grass and plants. Soliciting the aid of a professional is far more beneficial. Below you will see a few examples of utilizing a professional for your springtime weed control. Professionals:
– Have access to premium quality products that are more effective to any attainable to the general public.
– Can spot early signs of various infestations of weeds, not just the common ones. With expertise and know how a professional can contain the weed from becoming overwhelming.
– Can ensure protection to other plants and optimal overall solutions for the weeds.
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