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How to Get Rid of Deer, Lone Star, American & Brown Dog Ticks in Your House or Yard in Roxbury, NJ

Ticks are no stranger to people. Previously, they have made their presence known and were once only considered a nuisance that would obnoxiously latch onto our pets, or even us. And once removed would leave an itchy discomfort. But now, there are a number of threatening ailments and diseases they can transmit, and ticks are more than just an obnoxious insect. Today, we at Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control would like to expound on the ticks common in New Jersey and some insight on them. New Jersey ticks more common to the area include the American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Deer or Blacklegged Tick, and Lone Star Tick.

Common Ticks Found in New Jersey

Lone Star Tick

Lone Star Tick: Lone star ticks are more aggressive trying to find more optimal living conditions, like a well manicured lawn, or your home. Lone star ticks are to wild and domestic animals as well as people. These ticks are capable of transmitting Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia.
American Dog Tick: American Dog Ticks are the tope most encountered tick and will easily attach themselves on pets or people. These ticks are capable of transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Brown Dog Tick: Brown Dog Ticks are very specific to dogs and though rare, can be found on humans. These ticks are known to leave its host and infest a home. Primarily found indoors in cracks and crevices of the home, these ticks can carried into your home by dogs, which have picked more than likely picked them up while visiting infested veterinarian clinics, kennels, and even dog parks. But you dog could have picked them up if they wondered into a more manicured areas, such as your yard.
Deer Tick: Deer ticks are the primary tick responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease. These ticks are more than likely to attach themselves on you or your pet during activities in the woods or in meadows, as they prefer the wildlife setting.

Lyme Disease Carrying Ticks

A recent study confirms that ticks are infesting 9 different National parks across the Eastern United States and are potential carriers for Lyme disease. Deer ticks, also known as Blacklegged ticks are the most likely tick to transmit Lyme disease and are among the ticks found in the 9 national parks: Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., and Manassas National Battlefield Park, Prince William Forest Park and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia; Fire Island National Seashore in Long Island, N.Y.; Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania; Acadia National Park in Maine; Catoctin Mountain Park and Monocracy National Battlefield in Maryland. There were suspicions, but never confirmed that ticks were in these parks, until this first large-scale survey to confirm that ticks in many of the mentioned parks was in fact infected. Lyme disease is the major concern, but other diseases can be transmitted from ticks.

Symptoms & Effects of Lyme Disease

The CDC warns that if the Lyme disease is left medically untreated, the infection can spread to your heart, joints, and nervous system; Lyme disease symptoms are headaches, fever, and rash. If you plan on heading into these parks for some nature time, it is strongly encouraged that you take precautions.

Tick Prevention Tips in House & Yard

Below you will find tips on how to minimize the chances of picking up any ticks.
– Liberally apply insect repellents containing 20%-30% DEET to all exposed skin and clothing
– When you’re out on the trails, resist resting, sitting, and leaning on logs and areas with tall grass.
– Before getting into your vehicle to head home, check for ticks on you, your pets, and your gear. Remove any found ticks with tweezers by gripping them on the head and firmly tug them out.
– Be sure to shower within two hours of pulling out the ticks and after leaving the hiking area (even if no ticks were initially found).
– If any ticks were overlooked in your clothes, you can be sure they don’t infest your home by tossing clothing and other fabrics in the dryer for 10 minutes on high to kill off any ticks.

Tick Control & Removal

If you suspect ticks, or have spotted them in your house or yard, contact Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control and let us treat your home and yard to ensure they are completely exterminated.

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