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Spring Lawn Care Preparation & Schedule in Hackettstown, NY; Aeration, Fertilizing & More

Putting in some time and effort in the spring time can ensure your lawn is gorgeous for the summer and into the fall. Investing in quality products, proper care and maintenance, the turf can look and feel amazing, green, soft, and most importantly, be healthy. Long winters can cause your turf to suffer damaging effects, so some extra care may be necessary. With proper fertilizing, weed control, insect management, aeration treatments, and other care can ensure your lawn is gorgeous. We at Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control would like to discuss spring lawn care.

Spring Yard Cleanup

Spring lawn maintenance requires a few hours of spring lawn cleanup though it may not be fun. You may compact the soil and damage the tender roots if you do not wait until the ground is dry, though it may be rather tempting to get started on the first sunny day. You can gently rake away dead grass, leaves, twigs and other debris after the lawn is dry.

When to Start Watering Lawn

Having the lawn of your dreams is accomplished by following important spring lawn care tips. Avoid watering your lawn in early spring. Though it may not happen until late spring or early summer, or possibly even later, wait until the grass shows signs of wilt. The grass may not be able to withstand hot, dry summer weather and may result in a brown, dry lawn because early watering encourages shallow root growth. Let the grass wilt slightly before watering again. Generally, an inch of water a week is adequate.

Mowing After Fertilizing

Early spring requires application of fertilizing treatments to put proper nutrients in the soil. With the right formula, the grass’s roots would be healthier and the weeds can be choked out. Mowing the lawn is important, but do not do it too early or you can compact the soil if the ground isn’t dry. Do not remove more than 1/3rd the height of the grass at any mowing session, and never scalp your lawn. If the grass is already shaggy, the first mowing should only be a light trimming and the following the next week’s mow, you can implement the 1/3rd rule for the remainder of the season. Ensure the mower’s blades are sharp and the oil is changed as well. Mow once a week.

Fertilization, Weed Control, Insect Management, Aeration & Over-seeding Lawn Care

Mid spring is the optimal time if your lawn needs aeration. Aerating is poking small holes in the lawn so water, nutrients and air can reach the roots. It will enhance the grass’s health and aesthetics. At Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control we offer a number of services to prepare your lawn in spring for the duration of the season. To leave your turf in the hands of skilled and experienced professionals, give Fall Guys Lawn Care and Pest Control a call. We will evaluate the condition of your lawn and discuss treatment options to maximize your lawns potential with our spring lawn care services. Call us today to get started!

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