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Types of Rodents in Roxbury, NJ; House, White Footed & Deer Mice, Norway Rats & More

Rodents are animals that have teeth that continue to grow. This means they must continually gnaw on things to help them stay alive. Rodents represent 40% of all mammals and include rats, mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks and many more. As fall approaches, the temperature will start to drop, and rodents will start to enter your home. Let’s look at some of the rodents that are commonly found in New Jersey.

Mice & Rat Species in New Jersey

House mice. These mice are gray or brown in color with a lighter belly. They have small eyes, large ears with light hair and a long almost hairless tail. They can live outside but would rather live indoors. They carry disease and contaminate food and surfaces with droppings and urine.
White-footed mice. Light brown in color with a white belly and white feet. They have large eyes and ears with a narrow tail and live in wooded, marshy areas. They will come indoors looking for food as winter approaches. These mice can carry deer ticks and disease.
Deer mice. These mice are brown with a white belly. They too have white feet with large eyes and ears, but they have a bi-colored tail. They are also known as field mice and prefer grassy, prairie like areas. They don’t typically come indoors but will if their habitat is disturbed. They can carry deer ticks and disease.
Roof rats. Also known as black rats, these rats have black fur with bellies that are lighter in color. They have large ears and eyes with very long scaly tails. These rats are good climbers and can consume large amounts of food. They carry disease and are considered dangerous.
Norway rats. These rats are the most common rats found in the United States. They are brown or gray with white bellies and live in underground tunnels in large colonies. They can carry disease and fleas and should be taken seriously.

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation

Rodents are very resourceful, not to mention sneaky. Removing what attracts rodents means fewer visits. Don’t give them access to garbage. Remove objects in your yard they will use for shelter. Take care of any water issues and prevent overgrowth in your landscaping. Look for signs; droppings left near walls or on horizontal surfaces, chewing damage, the smell of urine, holes in the ground and grease marks along walls. Seal any points of entry. Mice can fit through an opening as small as the size of a dime and rats the size of a quarter. Many homeowners will turn to baiting and trapping once they discover rodent problems. This should really be done by professionals as it is a powerful tool that needs expertise to be effective.

Rodent Control

One rodent means exposing yourself to microscopic parasites, potentially harmful diseases and the possibility of a growing infestation. The first step in any rodent extermination is to contact a professional. The professionals at Fall Guys Lawn Care & Pest Control will identify the rodent species you’re dealing with, trap it, remove it and take steps to prevent future infestations. Contact Fall Guys Lawn Care & Pest Control as soon as you suspect a rodent problem.

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